Driving Digital Value

We believe great products and services can only thrive if you understand what drives users and meets their expectations. 

Our focus is to deliver more intelligent and effective services, which unlock the potential of knowledge. Using our fundamental A.I. knowledge and experience from dozens of developed solutions we focus on added value and purpose – the reason whY.

Results-Driven Artificial Intelligence

With over a decade of research and implementation experience we know how
to monetize on data analytics and A.I.

With our proven methods and approach we help you effect real, measurable
change through automating complex cognitive tasks involving understanding,
skill and judgement.

Economics of A.I

While the value of human prediction is decreasing the value of human judgement (still largely unattainable by A.I.) is steadily growing.

The combination of rapidly improving predictive models and indispensable human judgement can yield a huge boost to productivity, accuracy, speed and, importantly, cost avoidance.
Of course this only works when data of sufficient quality are available and when organisations commit to long-term, sustainable implementation of predictive models.

Economics of A.I

We have designed, built, and implemented systems and processes powered by predictive and prescriptive models that created value in many ways. In our view, the following points are imperative for successful AI applications:
  • Trust
    As the model evolves it will outperform human predictions
  • Clear focus
    what do you want to predict?
  • Human-in-the-loop
    Foster closed-loop-learning to feed-back human
    judgement to the models

80% + Accuracy

IMPROVE ACCURACY: deliver consistent output by governed and model driven execution of text based processes.

BE COMPLIANT AND MITIGATE RISK: enable complex screening and audit processes in complex control frameworks.

MORE CONSISTENT: for high volume processing (100%) and scale-up

90% + Reduction 

in Total cost

REDUCE OPERATING COSTS: Increase automation while mitigating operational and human error.

OPTIMISE PROCESSING TIME: Automate your manual yet complex operations at lightning speed. Reduce lead-time, number of process steps and cost.

AVOID COST: plan better and avoid cost by predictive models and algorithms.

70% + Higher conversion
& Revenue

Drive revenue growth: gather customer insights to make informed business decisions.

Increase conversions: drive revenue and speed up conversion by more relevant customer dialogue and offer.

Satisfactory (self)service: support dynamic, context-based interactions for human-like and fulfilling intelligent customer contacts.

100% Auditable & Compliant

ENABLE SCALABLE PROCESSES: Automate knowledge intensive and context- based work with 100% audit trail.

MODEL DRIVEN PROCESS: Version controlled and validated models for (semi)-automated processing.

CLOSED LOOP INTELLIGENCE: Internal controls and expert validation of both integrity of output and process.

Digital is the new normal

As digital services have become an integrated part of our lives, our expectations of traditional services have risen. Customers are less likely to accept limitations in speed, capabilities, convenience, intelligence or privacy.
This applies to both B2C and B2B. So how can we adapt to this new reality and change the way we interact and work? A big opportunity lies in the rapidly improving ability of computers to understand and process natural language.

Economics of A.I

Computer technology has progressed from being great at crunching numbers to being able to understand language and recognise concepts in context.
We see this in the rise of conversational systems as well as in the adoption of NLP in LegalTech and RegTech solutions. As a consequence, we are able to build more intuitive, relevant and dynamic interactions and be more effective.

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