• Has (re)training intents and scaling to new products, departments or brands become a problem?
  • Are you unable to grow because you seem to have exhausted all potential of the current RPA technology?
  • Has quick and reliable access to correct and up-to-date information in your systems – such as your knowledge base, Sharepoint, intranet, your CRM and the website – become an issue?

Y.digital deploys the latest, top-notch AI technology in language and cognition to support organizations, and their customers and employees. We believe technology should be complementary to the tasks a user - customer or employee - performs. The Ally platform includes a comprehensive toolkit of proven technologies in language understanding and AI, including NLP, NLU, semantic search, knowledge graphs, OCR/ICR and LLMs. These technologies all support the possibility to model your (internal) business information to instantly offer the right knowledge just when you need it.

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The heartbeat of Y.digital are our data-scientists and neurolinguists. They develop intelligent AI-solutions for customers when it comes to language understanding. They do not fear a challenge and help to extract crucial business information from employees in order to model this into AI technology and make it into useful solutions. The Ally-platform consists of different AI-technologies, that can be tailored and applied to your specific customer request.

Business Transformation

AI is an hot-topic on every boardroom agenda. Yet, it is important to keep a healthy balance between the technological innovations with regards to Machine Learning, Generative AI on the one hand, and on the other hand the ethical considerations and the practical change management, how will this affect employees on the work floor? The key question is - As an organization how could you make optimal use of AI technologies, in order to make sure that AI solutions become of added value to your organization? We are here to help you deconstruct the black-box that calls AI. Whether it is creating a strategy for your business or developing a vision how AI could help you in the next five years. We do so by mapping possible use-cases that are well suited for AI-solutions, checking possible risks that may occur when working with AI applications, executing impact assessments, and helping you deploy new ways of working with the required frameworks.


Are you looking for employees that could help you creating, developing and implementing AI solutions? Stop looking! Our workforce is also available for outsourcing in the field of AI and language understanding. Whether you need help with business transformation, the development of practical AI solutions in the area of Conversational AI, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) or AI Search and Personalisation, we are here to help. Y.digital consists of experts in the field of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Processing, knowledge graphs, generative AI and applying Large Language Models (LLM). We would like to challenge your request, finding out which route suits best for your organization.


Do you want to deepen your knowledge about AI? Then register for one of our Y.academy courses! The experts at Y.digital have fundamental, practical and current knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence. And we are happy to share that knowledge! There are Masterclasses on AI and ChatGPT/LLM, but it is also possible to go on Expedition AI with your organization together with your colleagues. In the training we discuss all developments and important requirements from legislation and security. We also deepen your knowledge on AI-techniques such as ChatGPT, Knowledge Graphs, Voice, Machine Learning and setting up cloud platforms. And we share the best approach to introduce AI into an organization. Therefore, register for one of our courses at the Y.academy. This way you stay completely up to date and you can get started yourself!