Digital Operations

Digital Ops. is all about leveraging or redesigning operational processes through the use of analytics and a range of digital technologies. The starting point is always the ideal situation to be competitive and required output. From the customer perspective we work upstream on the current processes and capabilities. In these assignments we often deal with a need for predictive models, dynamic planning, real-time processing, and automated intelligence for better scalability, better insights and dynamic process direction.

Processes can be physical (asset based such as machines, infrastructure, plants) and/ or administrative (e.g. claims handling, forecasting, augmented processes, knowledge transfer).

Typical examples are: data driven & predictive maintenance concepts, assortment planning & predictive models for scenario planning, forecasting purchase orders, dynamic planning, high volume document proofing and processing, visual recognition and checking.



Smart Ops. Platform – Mobility

Challenge:for a large infrastructure hub managing passengers and vehicles in an international network we need instant insights and suggested interventions based on context and procedures.

Solution:a smart search and analytics platform which understands vocabulary and concepts specific for this industry and presents weighted options to swiftly drive resolutions and operational processes.

  • Fast response (80% time reduction)
  • Optimized staffing (by scaling expertise)
  • Holistic real-time insight
  • Monitoring and notifications enabling more refined controls
  • Cost reduction (30%)
  • Fast search (also by speech recognition) in context

Similar use cases:Large infrastructure (road, rail), Smart corridor, Smart city.

Value Driven Maintenance – Industrial Equipment

Challenge:shift from case-based to fleet-based maintenance concept.

Solution: a predictive model based on IoT data and trained on historical data. This represented in a Digital Twin concept for operational monitoring.

  • Better insight and grip on asset management
  • Enablement of other maintenance and commercial concepts
  • Reduced MTTR and increased MTBF
  • Massive cost savings by reduction of avoidable cost (90%)

Similar use cases:Data driven Asset Management, Predictive Maintenance, Inbound Supply Chain, Demand Forecasting, AI driven Data Management(master data, catalogues)

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