Digital Engagement
Clear and relevant interactions with customers are essential.
This can range from pre-transactional interactions (orientation, questions,
application) to transactional and post-transaction (service, support).
We design and build services for integrated and intelligent interactions.
Being relevant is the key design principle.

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Smart Voice Assistants

Challenge: In the emerging conversational economy we help clients creating customer value with voice. From defining the strategy to designing and developing premium conversational experiences. Deployment via call-centers or third party apps like the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. We even build your own company voice app.

Solution: An AI powered voice assistant, based on world class natural language processing and understanding. Supporting smart automated conversations and intelligent processes for information or transactions. In any step of the customer journey.


  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Lower customer effort scores
  • 24/7 availability for your customers
  • Decrease in cost to serve
  • Workload reduction for employees
  • Higer rate first time right
  • Presence on the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa

Smart Regulatory Assistant

Challenge: for the clean up of environmental waste cost need to be calculated over decades of contracts and concessions. This is complex and above all time consuming. Can you build a scalable and reliable solution?

Solution: a processing pipeline containing AI-enhanced OCR for high quality data capture, domain specific annotations and graph database to find patterns, tag due diligence topics and concepts.


  • High volume – high precision
  • Holistic: processing of contracts, laws, currencies, case law and policies
  • Condensed summary for final review by experts
  • Workload reduction more than 90%
  • 60% more accurate
  • Pattern recognition

Intelligent & versatile chatbot (Insurance)

Challenge: support a wide range of insurance questions in context intelligently. Condition: reduce cost while increasing service level and customer satisfaction

Solution: a conversational chatbot where the customer starts the conversation and the bot can grasp one or more intents in context and guide the customer dynamically (shortest path) through the matter at hand and to a solution. The bot supports hand-overs and becomes more sophisticated whilst using it.

  • Improved NPS
  • FCR (First Contact Resolution) + 40%
  • Cost reduction 30%
  • Lead time reduction 60%

Similar use cases: Pension-bot, HR-bot, Smart Dynamic configurator (technical products).

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Digital Compliance

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Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce enables customers to purchase goods and services through an interactive and self-service experience. It includes the people, processes and technologies to execute the offering of developing content.

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