Digital Compliance

Digital Compliance is all about the automated assessment and processing of transactions in accordance with one or more ‘control frameworks’ such as Terms & Conditions, Business Rules, Laws & Regulations. Our specialty lies in the knowledge and document-based processes where contracts and dossiers meet with rules and transactional processes. This is also known as LegalTech and RegTech. 

With our advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) and business process knowledge we help customers automate these knowledge driven and largely manual tasks. Typical advantages are; more consistency, scalability of process, 100% auditability instead of sample-based, real-time processing, cost reduction, compliance/ control.

Typical examples are: processing of LC’s, portfolio checks (syndicated loan agreement, real estate portfolio’s), contract mining, 3rd party contract assessment, AML/ KYC, Environmental compliance and charging (Oil & Gas), Managing large scale Procurement Contracts, Transaction data against notary deeds etc.

Claims assessment – LegalTech

Challenge: for the clean up of environmental waste cost need to be calculated over decades of contracts and concessions. This is complex and above all time consuming. Can you build a scalable and reliable solution?

Solution: a processing pipeline containing AI-enhanced OCR for high quality data capture, domain specific annotations and graph database to find patterns, tag due diligence topics and concepts.


  • High volume – high precision
  • Holistic: processing of contracts, laws, currencies, case law and policies
  • Condensed summary for final review by experts.
  • Workload more than 90%
  • 60% more accurate
  • Pattern recognition
Trade Finance/ LC’s – Banking

Challenge: The checking of Letters of Credit (LC’s) requires 100% handling in real-time. Make the process faster, more consistent and scalable.

Solution: Advanced OCR for document splitting, reading tables etc. combined with matching against process template and internal controls. The LC’s can be processed fully automatic or semi-automated (final check by human) via a dashboard to manage the cases and case-load.

  • Lead-time reduction 75%
  • Cost reduction 80%
  • Highly scalable process
  • Accuracy up 15%
  • Full audit trail

Similar use cases: screening notary deeds, managing contracts & concessions, procurement contracts, syndicated loan agreements, AML (Anti-Money Laundering), TBML (Trade Based Money Laundering), KYC (Know your Customer), 2-way sanction screening.

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