AI Search & Recommendation

Searching and finding documents has changed immensely over last 2 decades, with the arrival of search engines on the internet searching for information has become more accessible. Yet, when searching internally within organization for information the possibility to finding what you are looking for is often less successful. The difference is that within most organizations use, specific jargon and the amount of expert knowledge that is needed to successfully find documents is elevated.


AI is a technology that works perfectly for browsing through large amounts of data, analyzing it and offering the user the best search result. helps organizations to unlock important information and turn it into useful knowledge with the help of the latest AI-technologies. Where some outdated technologies just look at key-word search, the possibilities of using the latest knowledge-graph technology is able to review the actual content of a text, and the combination of different words used in a specific context.

Meet Ally

The Ally-platform is a SaaS-solutions that uses a variety of the latest AI-technologies that do not replace the existing infrastructure of document management systems, but enables to search throughout different sources to find the best result for your search. Instead of having to know what you are looking for, the AI technology supports you to find what you were looking for.

Empowering humans

Lots of new documents are created on a daily basis, whether it is a note form a meeting, actions-lists, new offers for customers or the result of a decision that is been taken. Documents contain useful information for your daily operation, but archiving documents is often a boring tasks, that you prefer to be forgotten. With the help of AI technology, useful details about the creation of a document can be put into meta-data, in order to easily find documents, but also to archive large amounts of data from now, and possible data that needs to be archived dating back to another decade.

Practice what you preach

For an electric infrastructure company we have analyzed large amounts of data, dating back to the 1980s. Useful and important information about infrastructure dating back to that decade, but unfindable in today’s operation because data were not configured to be found with the current technology of the operations of today. By using the Ally-platform of, the information can now be easily accessed for employees, without having to follow complicated and knowledge-intensive work instructions for finding and archiving documents. is all about empowering humans with the latest AI-technology.