Focused on results,
driven by ambition.

Digital distinguishes itself by combining a strong digital DNA with extensive experience in delivering A.I. based solutions. We help our clients to sustain a strong digital presence with a focus on scaling intelligence and creating value.

From our fundamental belief that all great initiatives and ideas derive from a pure sense of purpose we always focus on the reason Y. This is anchored in the way we engage with our clients and the way we do things.

How we can help

Apart from setting ambitious goals we also want to assure success and make the product and/or services sustainable. This by means of a business case and a proper launch of the product and knowledge transfer. 

We deliver value with our solutions end-to-end. From concept to cash and from idea to operational solution.

Our people have the business acumen for intelligent redesign of processes and delivering value. We do this from our engineering depth as a technology firm applying our fundamental understanding of A.I. and data analytics.

We manage all stages in the process and offer extended Digital
Transformation services.

Design for success: Y-Lab

Intelligence is great but combined with imagination it’s even better! The conception and design of improved and novel services starts in our Y-Lab.

In the Y-Lab we work together with you to facilitate the design thinking process and even aid you in defining your business case.

We offer design thinking in various modes and intensities depending on what is required and where you are in your decision process. Why design thinking?

  • Kick-start a real project (focus & acceleration)
  • Diversity in design group (user representation)
  • Customer centric and inclusive design
  • Lower cost to build and lower risk
  • Broad stakeholder buy-in
  • Tangible targets
World Class Execution: A.I. Playbook & Agile

How do we factor in all considerations, limitations and risk without losing sight of our objective or ambition?

This is a balance, which you (the customer) and we (Y.) need to define in dialogue. As this is not trivial we work with our Y-A.I. playbook giving guidance to drive our projects and deliver value.

For the actual delivery of solutions we work in small but high impact teams. We work in high-paced agile manner maximizing output while keeping in touch with stakeholders and context.

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Make it stick: Build-Operate-Transfer

Readiness is key to run and refine the solutions we deliver and widely seen as a critical factor for success. We will embed new insights, approaches and processes into our clients’ organizations and build capabilities for continuous improvement of our solutions to facilitate self-propulsion.

We do not only execute our projects but also prepare organizations to adopt and drive the solutions themselves. We do this via the Build-Operate-Transfer method in which we educate, train, setup, start-up, run, support and hand-over the solution. In other words: we can train and hand-over our solutions to existing departments and people thereby setting-up whole Centers of Excellence.

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